Federación de Empresas de la Rioja

International B2B Virtual meetings - Rioja Auxiliary Wine Industry


Business Federation of La Rioja (FER) organises a B2B Virtual Mission between members of Rioja Wine Auxiliary Industry Association (AUXRIOJA) and potential buyers from Austria, France, Hungary and Portugal.



Strengthen and promote business relationships between companies of AUXRIOJA Association with International buyers.

Increase exposure and growth of the Association's companies in international markets.



We will contact with wine associations and clusters from the aforementioned European countries to introduce the Association and the companies that belong to it through a catalogue with their offer of services and products. In this way we will be able to generate bilateral meetings between International buyers and members of AUXRIOJA.

Business Federation of La Rioja (FER) is the promoter of this Mission in collaboration with other business organizations of the countries mentioned above. All of us are members of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN, the business network of the European Commission).



AUX RIOJA. Companies (29) belonging to the Rioja Wine Auxiliary Industry Association from the following areas:

  • Equipment, facilities and machinery
  • Digitization
  • Engineering
  • Containers and packaging
  • Oenological products
  • Others

BUYERS. Mainly wineries and distributors from priority markets: Austria, France, Hungary and Portugal, 4 of the European countries that produce the most wine.



Complete the following document click here to download and send it to laura.internacional@fer.es before July 20, 2022.



  • Format: virtual. Meetings will be done by Zoom
  • Date: Second semester of 2022 (exact period to be determined)
  • Coste: Free for FER members



FER - Federación de Empresas de La Rioja

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